Developing tree survey software

For the last ten years, we have been using proprietary software to collect data when surveying trees. This software has a number of features which make it awkward to use in the field and which prevent it from directly plotting tree canopy spreads in Autocad. We are developing our own software which will overcome this.

We plan to tag trees with plastic tags which are barcoded. The code will be used to identify trees and their locations. When work is done to one or more trees, the tree surgeon will be able to scan the code into his phone and obtain the information relevant to them.

This will overcome problems which we have encountered when tree surgeons are working to 5-year plans involving large groups of trees. This can sometimes make it difficult to identify the correct trees for treatment in later years. Identifying individual trees in groups can be difficult when their locations have been plotted using handheld GPS equipment. This is because signals from satellites are disrupted by the tree canopies and other vegetation.