Landscape Schemes.

From parklands to housing estates, we provide landscape schemes and planting and maintenance specifications.

Our work on Landscape Schemes.

We have prepared a landscape scheme for restoration of a historic park; used technology to protect a giant redwood in a pleasure garden behind a country house; injected fertiliser into trees to improve and stimulate growth; specified ground protection within developments to preserve veteran trees; and specified ground amelioration to enable more planting on these sites. There may be some overlap between landscape schemes and arboriculture and planning.

This plan shows the location of trees in a park. Many of the features postdate the park’s original design in the 19th century. We were commissioned to prepare a scheme which reflects the park’s historic features in the context of the changed landscape of today.

The park contains many veteran trees such as the one on the left. Some of the planting on the right does not reflect the park’s historic design.

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